Delightful, powdery mountains of

British Columbia!

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snowboarding in BC

Get the Best deal

Season pass

With the help of the community and Vancouver Snowboard Club's Facebook page, riders can now apply for a cheaper season pass group rate. The early bird pricing starts 2 months prior to the season so quickly grab your passes as soon as possible!

Vancouver Snowboard Club, is also a great place to ask questions about snowboarding, mountain conditions, hitching a ride, and tips for beginners.

Vancouver Snowboard Club
snowboarding gear


you will need

Going snowboarding is fun but if you're not prepared it will ruin your day. From your snowboard to your gloves, everything is needed to ensure you have a great time. 

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British Columbia's mountains

cypress mountain lift


Grouse Mountain Tram

Grouse Mtn.

Seymour Mountain Chair Lifts

Seymour Mtn.

Whistler Blackcomb Gondola

Blackcomb Mtn.

Sasquatch Mountain Base chair lifts

Sasquatch Mtn.

Manning Park chair lifts

Manning Park